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Termite Baiting System Vs Chemical Termite Barrier

Difference between a chemical termite barrier and termite baiting system

There is an existing dispute right now in the pest control industry as to whether or not a Chemical Termite Barrier or a Termite Baiting System is much better option for Termite Protection. These are two extremely popular termite protection systems and can bring about some heated debates as to which is the more effective one. Here we will go through explaining the major differences between Termite Baiting System Vs Chemical Termite Barrier.

Termite Baiting System

The Termite Baiting System is made up of a series of bait stations surrounding the border of your home. These stations contain sleeves of eucalyptus timber which are favourable to termites. The baiting system requires regularly monitoring and once they discover termite activity, they change the wood bait with a poison that is expected to wipe out the colony. This is classed as a slow kill to ensure the termicide is passed throughout the colony, breaking down the termite's strong exoskeleton which it needs to eat timber. Termite Baiting is probably the most 'green' option out there and less evasive however is it the right fit for your house?

bait station concrete replenish baiting system termite bait garden termite baiting lid termite baiting system

Chemical Termite Barrier

The Chemical Termite Barrier is a chemical termiticide that is mixed with soil surrounding your home all the way down to the footings. Some customers favour this even though it's a chemical treatment because it's a continuous trench around the dwelling. Giving them the feeling of better protection. Although much more evasive to install, the process is extremely labouress and MAY need things like hot water systems and water tanks to be temporarily removed and replaced during the installation. The cons? Where we can't dig down or remove pavers, we then have to drill and inject the termicide every 200mm. The drill holes are similar size to a 5c piece and are in a straight neat line. Once the chemical has been injected the holes are mortared closed. We mix the mortar with a die to try to match it as close as possible to the tiles or concrete we are drilling through.To help reduce the cost, customers can dig the trench themselves under the guidance of the installing pest controller.

chemical barrier trench chemical barrier trench 2 chemical barrier finished2 chemical barrier finished chemical barrier injection


What are the ongoing costs?

To keep the warranty active on each barrier, the customer is required to have an annual Termite Inspection completed on the house. Not doing this will void your warranty. A Termite Inspection should cost between $180 - $250 depending on the size of your house.

With a Chemical Termite Barrier, this is the only real ongoing cost as there is no maintaining involved.

A Baiting System is a monitoring system. It requires a licensed pest controller to come out and check each installed station multiple times over the course of the year. The frequency of visits change depending on the level of activity. If there is termite activity in the stations then the pest controller needs to come out and check every 4 to 6 weeks. Baiting Systems with no activity will need to be checked every 6 to 10 weeks. During these visits the station can be cleaned out and replenished with new timbers. It is common for station lids to get damaged by being run over by cars, jumped on by kids or damaged by the mower. The pest control company needs to be contacted asap so they can come out and replace the lid, otherwise the system may not be operating correctly. Yearly cost of a monitoring system can range from $800 to $1200 depending on the size.

If you're not worried about any offered warranty then you can go "self monitored". Check the stations once a month and call the pest control company out to treat active termites or replenish the stations. This is a popular option especially once the termite activity has been stopped and it's after the first 12 months.

No matter what termite management system you have installed, we think it's imperative to have an annual termite inspection.

Which Termite Barrier is better?

So Termite Baiting System Vs Chemical Termite Barrier, our opinion is that both styles are as effective as each other and it simply comes down to what is best suited to the property. Each of these termite management system is effective when installed to manufactures standards. We offer free onsite quotes so give us a call on 1800862683.