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Found Termites and need an effective Termite Treatment?

When you have termites, it can be devastating to your home. The earlier you get to the infestation with a Termite Treatment, the better chance you have to remove them. To get the most accurate treatment method we offer a free onsite quote. This way we can go through all the termite treatment options and termite treatment costs. We want you to have peace of mind that you are getting the correct treatment which is back by warranties for the right price.

termite damaged wallMajority of the time we find active termites whilst conducting Building and Pest Inspections. Most termite activity goes unnoticed as termites eat timber from the inside out. However weekends can be busy times as customers find the termite damage or activity when renovating the house or working out in the yard and then call us.

The best practice is to not poke, probe and disturb the area in question. If the termites are disturbed and feel vulnerable or threatened then they will head back underground. They will then deem that access route too dangerous and concentrate on another entry point. Cover the exposed area up to make it as dark as possible and limit foot traffic past there. Then have the treatment done by a licensed, expert termite control business. To see the full extent of the Termite Activity we carry out a complete Termite Inspection.

Typically the termite treatment will be a localised termite spray, foam or dust to the active area. Once treated the termite technician may return in 3 weeks to check the area and evaluate the success of the treatment. Then the termite damaged timbers can be replaced and the area repaired.

We use a premium low toxic chemical called termidor which states it has a unique transfer effect. This transfer can potentially go from termite to termite as they feed and groom each other. With a good termite treatment we can be confident the house will be free from active termites but to stop them coming back, the property will need a strong termite management system (commonly called a Termite Barrier).

How to treat Termites

When you find termites in your house we need to come in and see how far spread it is. To minimise damage as much as possible we use a borescope. This cable camera is around the size of a 5cent piece and is fed into the wall. It can be twisted into any direction and can give us a good insight into what's happening in the wall. Once termites are found in the wall we really need to take half or whole sheets of gyprock off to see the level of damage and to get a good termite treatment down.

termites window sill

Here we have a termite attack where the termites have eaten through the bottom of the window sill. The window frame had a weak point where it was letting moisture inside. The termites had a mud lead up the wall hidden behind an external copper pipe. The termite damage in the photo would be rated at the lower end of the scale. After the termite treatment was completed only a few timber battens had to be replaced and the window sealed properly.


stump termite treatment

Leaving tree stumps and root crowns in the ground are the most common type of a conducive termite environment. Similar to the timber sleeper, this tree stump and it's root system is ideal for a termite nest. Protected from predators, damp and in the warm earth. It's only a matter of time before termites take advantage of this offering. If the tree stump or root crow is to be left in the ground then we can do a drill and inject treatment. Our termite technician will drill multiple deep holes into the tree stump and inject a termicide chemical. Also the soil around the tree stump will be treated to further kill or ward off other foraging termites. This is the normal stump treatment when active termites are found in and around tree stumps. We strongly recommend pulling out stumps, crowns and dead trees that are in close proximity to your house. The root systems job is to find sources of moisture. Most of the time when we are installing a Termite Barrier there will be a root system travelling around the concrete slab edge. We rip them out because they will become a termite super highway. Giving them a food source, moisture and protection from predators. Although nice for shade, it's better to keep trees away from the house. This will also reduce problems of root bound water and drainage pipes. 

timber retaining wall

Timber sleepers used around the house will eventually break down due to environmental factors. Originally they will come from the supplier where they have been treated in a termite resistant chemical. Normally installed in direct contact with soil, over time being exposed to the sun and moisture the chemical will break down. Sitting in the soil the timber sleeper will slowly turn into a termite buffet. Most of the termite treatments we are called out for are to treat timber retaining walls and tree stumps.


Annual Inspections

Termites can eat through most material that stand in their way. With houses on a slab, the most common entry point is termites taking advantage of a crack in the mortar between the slab and first layer bricks. Termites can actually slowly chew through the mortar between the brick work!
An annual termite inspection by itself won't stop an termite attack but it'll keep the termite damage to a minimum.

Previous Activity

Once active termites are found in the house there will be termite mud leads under and around your property. If the termites have been disturbed they are going to retract back into the safety of these tunnels and then try elsewhere. The only way to termite proof your house is with a Termite Barrier. Termite Protection starts with a termite barrier and an annual Termite Inspection.

Termite Treatment Cost

Termite Treatment Costs will vary depending on the level and how wide spread the activity is. Termites being subterannean makes it hard to pin point where the activity would be coming from without conducting a complete Termite Inspection. Once the inspection is done we can see where the activity is and if it is localised to the yard or parts of the house. From there our Senior Termite Technician will organise an onsite quote and pending approval can start the treatment straight away. Our Termite Treatment price starts at $250 (Inc Gst)

Being proactive against forgaging is much cheaper than the repair bill from a termite attack. With 1 in 4 properties having previous or present termite activity it's a matter of when, not if. Call our Termite Treatment Team on 1300077133 to organise a free onsite quote.